Online tool for social impact measurement

We believe in a world where organizations strive to improve their social impact as much as their bottom line. In order to do so, organizations need to treat social impact measurement as seriously as financial management.

Sinzer is the solution for social impact management. Whether you are a public authority, social enterprise, investor/funder, non-profit or corporate, measuring, monitoring and managing your social impact with Sinzer helps you to make better decisions, improve your impact and enables you to be accountable to stakeholders.

Social Impact Consultancy

We believe impact management is more than an annual report, put on a shelf. Instead, measuring and managing social impact should be an integral part of your organisation’s strategy and daily operations. We offer services to help organisations understand their social impact, as well as define and implement robust impact management strategies.

Sinzer firmly embeds impact management in your organization. Our experts can support you in implementing and optimising Sinzer’s solutions tailored to your organisation.

Sinzer's benefits

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    Manage your data and save time »

    • Efficient and easy data entry
    • Use popular and improved impact metrics (IRIS, TEEB, SDGs, etc.)
    • Use templates that complete 70% of the data entry
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    Show your results! »

    • Visualise your data in a clear dashboard
    • Share your charts and graphs with others
    • Export your results in Excel and Word
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    Customize to your needs »

    • Create accounts for customers, business units or funds
    • Develop your own custom framework for measuring impact
    • Customize your community with a personalised look & feel
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    Involve stakeholders to collect data »

    • Create online surveys to collect data from stakeholders
    • Automatically insert all the results in your analysis
    • Invite others to help you with your analysis
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    Analyze your results »

    • Copy and edit analysis for scenario planning
    • Aggregate the impact of multiple analyses
    • Benchmark this data and start improving your impact
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    Multiple frameworks available »

    • Strategic Impact Framework (SIF)
    • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
    • Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA)

Learn how the Sinzer software can help you kick-start your impact analysis

Sinzer's consultancy and training services

Sinzer works with social enterprises, impact investors, foundations, corporates and partners around the globe



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