About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make social impact measurement accessible and cost-efficient through our software solutions and services, in order to enable organizations to manage and report about their impact consistently and maximize their value.

Why measure impact?

An increasing amount of social purpose organizations (NGO’s, non-profits, charities and social enterprises), funders/investors (both public as private) and multinationals are united by a common goal: creating social, including environmental, value.

In order to reach that goal and further amplify it, it is crucial to know which approaches work best and why. This is where social impact measurement comes into play.

Measuring and managing social impact helps you involve your stakeholders, understand what changes and value what matters. Impact measurement furthermore enables you to be accountable for the changes created by your organization. Lastly, measuring impact will provide you with insights into where and for whom you are creating impact and how you can maximize this.

How we can help you

We support social investors and mission driven organisations in measuring, managing and maximizing their impact.

Our team of impact consultants and software developers enables us to offer:

  • Consultancy, training and support services for impact measurement
  • Impact management software with a selection of standardized frameworks and metrics or customized to your specific needs

Meet our team

Marlon van Dijk

Managing Director

Marlon studied Business Economics and Social Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and has been involved with Social E-valuator since the start in 2008 in various roles such as consultant, trainer, sales & marketing and business developer. Since 2012 she is the managing director and working hard to achieve its mission with the new platform Sinzer.

Her hobbies are: dancing (Salsa!), cooking and writing. She loves to be in nature for a reset of her busy life living and working in the city of Amsterdam.


(+31) 6 31 01 04 01

Emma Verheijke

Managing Partner

Emma has a background in politics, international relations, and (change)management. While researching government policies regarding Indigenous people, she grew committed to improving the forecasting of policy effects. Through her experience as a consultant in the healthcare sector, Emma gained experience in research methodology and data analysis. Working at Sinzer enables Emma to measure, manage and visualize impact for organizations that want to make a positive change on society.


(+31) 6 54 39 73 63

Ruben van den Bemt

Assistant Product Manager

Ruben studied Commerce and is currently enrolled in Culture, Organization & Management in Amsterdam. He works on optimizing Sinzers software platform to increase the user experience. Together with a dedicated softwareteam who are located in Hyderabad, India, he improves the platform used for measuring social impact by applying new solutions and features. Measuring impact appeals to him as he believes in a better future where organizations are more committed to positive social and environmental impact.

In his spare time he listens to music, likes to exercise and enjoys working on his webshop.


Vincent Belgraver

Social Impact Consultant

Vincent has a background in International Development Studies and conducted empirical research in a variety of (international) settings. He has knowledge of and practical experience with several Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) methodologies relevant in the field of impact measurement.

Kenya is (or at least: feels like) his second home, which probably explains his desire to spend at least several weeks a year in Eastern Africa.


(+31) 6 14 84 39 54

Nelline Boers

Social Impact Consultant

Nelline studied International Relations in Groningen and Colombia and is now in her Master Programme International Development Studies at the Wageningen University.  She also participated in a masterclass of a Dutch NGO, for which she traveled to Uganda to witness the social and economic effects of policy in practice. After an internship at Sinzer, Nelline is determined to keep working on making impact of organizations visible in order to enlarge social impact.

In her leisure time Nelline loves to cook for and with friends, while enjoying a good glass of wine. She also loves to drive a boat, ski and hike.


(+31) 6 10 69 11 22

Suzan Doornwaard

Social Impact Consultant

Suzan has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, with a focus on youth and the changing cultural contexts in which they develop. During her time in academia, she conducted multidisciplinary and multi-method research in a variety of settings. She is convinced that researchers, governments, and organizations should learn from each other to understand complex societal challenges and create meaningful positive impact. At Sinzer, she is determined to use her research experience to support organizations with visualizing and improving the social impact they create.

Outside Sinzer, Suzan loves planning a next far trip (preferably one that includes amazing street food), improving her own street food cooking skills, and road cycling.


(+31) 6 31 68 22 43

Malou van Nieuwkoop

Social Impact Manager

Malou studied Anthropology and International Development studies in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. For both studies she conducted qualitative research in Surinam and Uganda. Her career started at GoodUp / 1%Club where she cooperated with corporates, municipalities, large NGOs and small charities. She has extensive experience in facilitating (international) workshop and implementing new strategies. She believes in transparency, innovation and a bottom-up approach. As Social Impact Manager at Sinzer she assists clients in setting up and developing their impact strategy. After work she helps Foundation ‘Sounds of Change’ and organises events for GoodCode. If there is still time left, she listens to podcasts and is on her way on the Pieterpad.


(+31) 6 150 25 667

Nina Koopman

Social Impact Consultant & Business development

Nina studied politics and anthropology at University College Utrecht and has a Master Degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. Over the last 10 years she worked at different (international) impact organisations and has gained extensive experience in program development, project management, evaluations, setting up partnerships, business development and as a trainer. At Sinzer she is committed to support clients in measuring and improving their positive impact on society. Nina lived and worked in various places across the globe, including India, South Africa, Madagascar and Paris.


(+31) 6 524 514 56

Laura Barnhoorn

Impact assistant

Laura studied Human Geography and Planning, and Urban Geography in Utrecht. She has experience with various qualitative research methods with which she strives to give vulnerable people a voice. Research should lead to change and improvement in society, according to Laura. For Sinzer, she works as impact assistent and is involved with various projects. Besides Sinzer she follows the Starters4Communities program to learn more about social entrepreneurship. Laura likes photography, beach walks, video’s of cats, and adding countries on her travel Bucket list.


Ram Mohana Rao Chandika

Software developer

Ram has been working as a Software Engineer in coMakeIT from the past 6+ years. Along with Sinzer, he worked on the WebHR project which is an internal tool for coMakeIT and also RSPO project for UTZ certified. He spends his spare time with his family. He loves playing Chess and Table Tennis.


Sai Ram Akuri

Software developer

Sai Ram has 3+ years of experience in the IT industry as a Software Developer. He is specialized in back-end functionality web development using PHP and frameworks.
In his spare time Sai Ram loves to play Cricket, Carroms and Video games.

Maruthi Siva Prasad

Software developer

Maruthi has 7+ years of experience in IT industry as a Software Developer. He works as a Senior Developer for Sinzer in coMakeIT. His speciality is back-end functionality Web development using PHP and frameworks. Maruthi spends his free time with his little daughter (3 years), loves to watch movies and likes to go on pilgrimage.

Lalita Kadganche

Software developer

Lalita has 1 year of experience in the IT industry as an associate Software Engineer. She completed her Bachelors of computer science. She specialized in back-end functionality web development.

In her free time she likes to play cricket and dancing.

Srinath Tata

Software developer

Srinath has joined ComakeIT as an associate software engineer. He’s finished his  Bachelors in Information Technology and is an experienced front end developer. Srinath spends his free time reading non fictional novels.

Want to join our team?

Currently we have the following vacancies:

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Advisory Council

Jeremy Nicholls

CEN at The Social Value International

Jeremy is the CEO of Social Value International, a membership organization for individuals and organizations supporting principles and standards in accounting for social and environmental value. In his role he advises public, private and voluntary sector organizations on how they can increase the value of their work. Additionally, he is director of FairPensions, director of FRC Group (a social enterprise based in Liverpool UK) and a member of the IRIS advisory committee.

Frank van Beuningen


Frank is director of PYMWYMIC, the “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is Company”. PYMWYMIC convenes the longest running angel-investor circle in Benelux; advises individuals and families on impact investments in private equity; and helps viable social entrepreneurs find investors for early seed financing. Frank is co-founder of SoCap Europe, founding member of SVN-Europe,created the ‘Money Meets Ideas’ seed funding platform; and continues to Put His

Eric Buckens

Director ABN Amro Social Impact Fund

Eric is director of ABN Amro Social Impact Investment. He has more than 22 years of experience in international finance, particular in Europe and Asia. Eric has been with ABN Amro for twenty years in various roles such as economic research, asset management and private banking.

Jan Willem Pauw

Trusted advisor

Jan Willem has over 25 years of advisory experience, both Consultancy and Programme Management responsibilities. Current focus: Publicly Financed Organisations, either to improve the performance of the organisation in scope or to transform it in a more radical way. Integrity, trust, political sensitivity, and result orientation are characteristics of his contribution.

Kellie Liket

Researcher Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Kellie Liket completed a PhD at the Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam, with a focus on the role of impact evaluations in strategic decision making. Her work has been published in various academic journals, including the American Journal of Evaluation. With her work she aims to advance the ability of corporations, governments, financial institutions and philanthropic organizations to use the results from impact evaluations to perform analyses that allow them to maximize their impact.


It all started at the fireplace in the office of Paul Baan. After his successful career at The Baan Corporation and their IPO he founded Noaber Foundation, in which he invest (parts of) his capital with the aim to create social impact. This was a new investment approach at that time, where philanthropy meets venture capital techniques. This new paradigm needed an approach to measure social impact in order to manage investments effectively and report about the performance. The concept of Blended Value and Social Return on Investment, founded by Jed Emerson, fitted this need. After consultation with other family offices, Noaber foundation (under the direction of Pieter Oostlander), d.o.b foundation (under the direction of Tera Terpstra) and Peter Scholten (a Dutch SROI expert) decided to develop an online tool for impact measurement: Social E-valuator.

Social E-valuator was launched in 2008 and started off as a solution for foundations across Europe. It did not take long however, before Social E-valuator started offering training, consultancy and other services to embed impact measurement for a broad variety of organisations around the globe.

In 2012 our main asset, software, was ready for an update after four years of maintenance of the first version. After a business reset under new management and investors we teamed up with a software development team in India and together we built a brand new software platform for measuring impact: Sinzer. Late 2014 we launched Sinzer with VSB foundation, Cordaid Investments, ABN Amro and Ecorys as launching customers.

Sinzer is a member of Social Value International
Sinzer is a member of Social Value International