Impact management

Impact management – where do I start?

By measuring and managing your social impact consequently and consistently you can make better decisions and drive improvements that maximize the social impact you create. But when it comes to your impact management strategy, where do you start? We can help you with every step of the way, from choosing a framework and determining scope, to drafting your Theory of Change and impact ambition and goals, to collecting and analysing data and determining actions to improve your impact. Read more about the services we offer below, or contact us with your question.

Theory of Change & Impact Road Map

Need help in figuring out what to measure and how to measure it? We can help you define your Theory of Change to gain insight in how your inputs and activities lead to outputs and outcomes. Based on your ToC we can draft a comprehensive Impact Road Map for your organization, conduct a stakeholder analysis and determine key metrics. Our consultants have extensive experience in conducting rigorous research and analyses, and help our clients navigate through the complexity of determining outcomes and indicators, using different valuation techniques and determining impact claims (attribution, dead weight, drop-off and displacement).

Theory of change

Data collection

Once you have defined the structure of your measurement, it is time to collect data. Involving stakeholders is one of the most important elements of any impact analysis. We can help you create a robust data collection plan in which we capture appropriate methods that suit your budget as well as the desired level of rigour of your analysis. Our consultants have experience in designing as well as conducting quantitative and qualitative data collection strategies, wether through focus groups, conducting interviews, doing observations and/or (online) surveys. The Sinzer solution has a built-in survey module, learn more about it here.

Embedding impact

Once your social impact is defined and a data collection plan is developed, we can help you embed impact management your organization’s every day operations. Our consultants can help you monitor and report about your social impact consistently and efficiently. The Sinzer software solution will be set up for your organization and further customized (e.g. by developing custom features or API’s, read more about it here).

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Data analysis and Strategic advice

Creating social change doesn’t stop with defining your impact and collecting data: continuously driving improvements is an iterative process. How do you get from data to insight and use these insights to improve your performance and increase the value you create?

We can help you analyse your data in order to discern your organisation’s value drivers, as well as advice you on how to translate these into actions and policies that will drive improvements and maximise social impact.

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Sinzer is an established social enterprise with knowledge and solutions for impact measurement since 2008. We help social investors (public and private) and mission driven organizations to measure and manage their impact, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Sinzer enables you to map impact, collect data efficiently and analyze the results. With this information, you can make better decisions, improve your impact and be accountable to stakeholders.

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    Manage your data and save time

    • Efficient and easy data entry
    • Use popular and improved impact data (IRIS, TEEB, SDGs, etc.) from our database
    • Use templates that complete 70% of the data entry
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    Start an impact analysis and show the results!

    • Visualise your data in a clear dashboard
    • Share your charts and graphs with others
    • Export your results in Excel and Word
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    Customize your community

    • Create an account for customers, business units and investees
    • Develop a custom framework for measuring impact
    • Customize your community with your own look and feel
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    Involve stakeholders to collect data

    • Create online surveys to collect data from stakeholders
    • Automatically insert all the results in your analysis
    • Invite others to help you with your analysis
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    Analyze your results

    • Copy and edit analysis for scenario planning
    • Aggregate the impact of multiple accounts
    • Benchmark this data and start improving your impact
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    Multiple frameworks available

    • Strategic impact framework (SIF)
    • Social return on investment (SROI)
    • Social cost benefit analysis (SCBA)

Want to learn how we can help you with our software platform?

Consultancy & training

We believe impact measurement should be more than an annual analysis report, put on a shelf. Instead, measuring social impact should be an integral part of your organisation’s every day operations.

We know that the integration of the use of any new tool in your business processes can take some time: both you and your organisations need to get familiar with it and get used to a new routine in order to use the new tool with confidence. Is this a concern stopping you from optimising your impact measurement?

We can help you firmly embed impact measurement in your activities, projects and business. We can expertly support you in implementing and operating Sinzer’s solutions in order to optimise the use for your organisation. Our services range from online helpdesk support and maintenance to developing custom tutorials and instruction packages for your organisation.

Whether you prefer a little or a lot of support, we can help you put the Sinzer platform to the best possible use so you can optimise your measurement and maximise your impact!

Starters Training

Kick – start your impact measurement
Learn how to use our online software

In - Company Training

Develop new skills for your impact measurement process

SROI Practitioners Training

Learn to execute a SROI analysis
Become an accredited practitioner

Sinzer works with social enterprises, impact investors, philanthropy organizations, corporates, consultancy and audit firms around the globe