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Beginners Guide to SROI

Guide for SROI (beginners)

Maatschappelijke business case voor gemeenten

Gids voor gemeenten (only in Dutch)

How do you measure the impact from 1,300 projects per year?

Case study of a foundation

Social Return on Investment Analysis of Longterm Residential Foster Care

Case study of a social purpose organization

Total social impact: More degrees, higher income and confidence

Case study of a social enterprise

Learn to use the Sinzer solution and start measuring your impact

Tutorial (only SROI)

Social Business Case for the Municipality of Nijmegen

(Available in Dutch only)

The Social Return of Post NL investments in low literacy

(Available in Dutch only)

Template for Inclusive Businesses

Facilitates impact measurement and comparison of different IBs

Social Business Case: Mentoring projects

(Available in Dutch only)

Template for Impact Investors

Social Impact Measurement in the Philanthropic sector

The Ultimate Guide

Step by Step Guide to SROI analysis

Guide for SROI (step by step)

Measure and analyse the performance of impact investments

Case study of an impact investor

Social Business Case for change in Youth Care

(Available in Dutch only)

The social return on investment of a coaching course for (ex-) convict mums

Case study of a NGO

Develop your own custom framework for measuring impact

Case study for an impact investor

Social Business Case: IPS-trajectories for persons with a severe psychiatric disorder

(Available in Dutch only)

Social Business Case: Education-Healthcare Program

Program for severely maladjusted children

Social business case based on SROI

Social Business Case: Prevention of School Absence

(Available in Dutch only)

Social Business Case: ``Amalia`` - children with chronic somatic disorders

(Available in Dutch only)

Europeana's Impact Playbook

A step by step guide to help Museums, Libraries and Archives define and assess their impact.

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