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We are always on the look out for strategic partnerships with partners who share our values, vision and beliefs. Partners that, like us, are committed to establishing widespread support for the importance of impact measurement. Partners with whom we can together achieve the changes we aspire: using impact measurement to drive change and maximise social impact.

What we offer

We offer our partners a cooperative earning and execution model, including sales guidance on important leads, helpdesk support, (customized) tutorials and an online community of impact analysts. Our support exists of the following elements:

  • Co-sales: prospecting, presentation, closing
  • Co-marketing: market messaging, reference cases, website
  • Co-delivery: project management, subcontracting, quality assurance

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Want to help us?

We are always looking for partners that are willing and able to translate our Sinzer platform into other languages, in return for discounts on your software licenses. Currently our platform is available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic. Read more about it in our blog update 1 and update 2.


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