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The Limburg Energy Fund

The Limburg Energy Fund (LEF) was founded by the province of Limburg in 2013 to facilitate the realisation of promising projects that contribute to a carbon-neutral energy system, a circular economy and a climate-proof environment. These constitute the fund’s primary objectives, which it achieves by supporting these projects with risk capital and/or subordinated loans. The LEF, managed by fund manager Polestar Capital, approached Sinzer to gain insight in the overall impact of their investment portfolio over the six years of its existence. Specifically, they wanted to determine the extent to which the Fund’s investments have contributed to a set of pre-established primary impact-objectives, as well as to a set of broader social impact objectives that lay at the foundation of establishing the LEF.

Differentiating between different impacts

In order to do so, we analysed their investment-portfolio, which included impact data provided by the fund itself. We analysed the entire portfolio based on LEF’s primary and secondary objectives, whilst displaying to what extent they were met. These secondary objectives include a broader set of environmental and social impact objectives, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This helped in identifying the fund’s impact over its lifetime. For communication purposes, we featured a selection of successful companies as case-studies. We presented this information in an infographic-style impact report.

Communication for investors

The private sector, and especially local SMEs, will play a crucial role in achieving the provincial sustainability-targets. In the forthcoming years, the impact of the LEF’s investments in these innovative SMEs will prove to be more relevant than ever. Our work serves as a communication tool through which the LEF will be able to inspire SMEs to also invest in making their businesses sustainable and offer innovative solutions for our common environmental challenges. This on its turn will directly contribute to the ambitions of the province of Limburg to transition to an innovative, sustainable, circular, and inclusive economy.


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