Women Inc.

Analyzing the effects of a Gender and Healthcare alliance

How much did we improve the position of women?

To reflect over the first 5 years of their existance, Women Inc and a wider consortium asked us to take stock. The NGO dedicated to gender equality wanted to have statistics and insights on their three crucial pillars; awareness, research and education.

Impact analysis

By first studying the available analytics and translating three pillars into nine new data-entry-points, we defined which sets of data were critical to make a reliable assesment. The most challenging data to harvest was on ‘inequality awareness’, which we solved with a series of surveys from over 500 randomised participants. This added to an overall dataset solid enough for conclusions.

Funding secured

Our analysis showed the alliance contributed to significantly more political attention and made knowledge of gender-sensitive care more accessible. Closer examination revealed the organisation directly contributed to more funding going towards research into the unique health issues for women. These results validated the work of the consortium and secured funding for a new multi-year program. Sinzer is proud to stay involved as an impact partner.


Strategy Development
Impact Research
Data Analytics

Tools & Methods

Theory of Change
SDG Framework
"Sinzer made it possible for us to show everyone what we already knew; we are really making a difference"
Jannet Vaessen, Director Women Inc

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