Integrating CSR in company strategy

Enable 2 million people to progress in society and halve the environmental impact by 2025

VodafoneZiggo strives to create societal value through their products and operations, by increasing their positive and decreasing their negative impact. This is not new: in recent years the organization has taken steps to reduce its CO2 emissions and waste, offered jobs to disadvantaged groups, invested in the development of IoT solutions ‘for good’ that improve health and wellbeing and inclusivity, as well as has run various programs through the Vodafone Foundation aimed at enhancing social progress (wellbeing, enjoyment, skills) in order to create an inclusive digital society. At the start of 2020, VodafoneZiggo formulated a new ambition for their CSR strategy until 2025: Enable 2 million people to progress in society and halve their environmental impact. VodafoneZiggo engaged Sinzer to help substantiate this ambition with a baseline impact measurement, as well as to support the further integration of CSR into the company’s strategy with strategy workshops and the development of a measurement and reporting framework.

Baseline measurements

In order to substantiate the ambition, a first step was to conduct a baseline measurement. This included an environmental footprint analysis in order to quantify what the current environmental impact is, and hence what halving this footprint means concretely in terms of CO2-reduction, and where further reduction is most feasible. Moreover, the baseline included an assessment of current social impact achieved through HR policy, IoT solutions, as well as foundation programs, looking at impact domains: inclusion, health and wellbeing, digital skills;  reach: how many people impacted; as well as depth: how much impact was reached for the various groups?

Roadmap 2025

Now the numbers and ambitions are clear, the next steps will be to develop a roadmap of activities together with all the business units that will concretise the actions required in order to reach the ambitions, as well as indicators to monitor and report progress. The actions could include developing and scaling more IoT for good solutions, developing new and impactful Foundation programs that address today’s biggest challenges regarding digital inclusion, as well as implementing new initiatives to further embed circular principles in VodafoneZiggo’s operations and supply chain. By integrating CSR in every aspect of the business, CSR is no longer an ‘add on’, but an integral part of company strategy.


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