National Library of the Netherlands

Training library professionals on impact management

Embedding Impact Thinking among Librarians

Today, library spaces have some new values and functions compared to those of the traditional libraries. The role of a library has shifted from lending-out books towards serving as a hub for meeting and personal development. The new social function of the modern library is accompanied by a call for embedding impact thinking among all librarians. Answering to this call, the Dutch National Library approached Sinzer to develop a training course to support librarians in their transition toward impact-oriented working and communication.

The Course Impact Management

In close collaboration with library professionals we developed a five-day course on Impact Management, which caters to the needs of the modern library-professional. The participants are guided by consultants from Sinzer, and inspired by nationally- and internationally-renowned guest speakers. The course covers all facets of impact management, from formulating an impact strategy and designing an impact framework, to collecting and analysing data, and reporting and steering for positive impact.

Expanding the Course

The demand for the course is high. At this moment, we have facilitated two five-day courses on impact management for the National Library, with a third one on its way. The ultimate goal of the course was to empower library professionals to embed impact-oriented thinking within their own organisations’ culture. For the National Library, this course is a part of their broader impact strategy, which they plan to expand with other impact-related activities.


Impact Management

Tools & Methods

Theory of Change
Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Impact Framework
Data Collection & Analysis
Impact Reporting

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