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A report is a good start

Sinzer is not your average consultancy firm. Over the last decade we have become a thought-leader in the impact sector, and our no-nonsense approach to strategy, reporting and consultancy has helped transform organisations of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to truly maximising an organisation’s positive impact on our planet and society.

We are constructively impatient

We work with with all sorts of organisations; from global NGO’s to businesses, and from investment funds to local councils. So we know our way around municipalities, boardrooms and factories, and understand they all have their own velocity and culture. But the one thing our clients all have in common; they’re done talking and want to make a real difference.

Beyond the hype

Sustainability, equality, climate change, poverty and health have become hot topics, and awareness is greater than ever. But as impact experts we are also critical. We see it as our mission to move from awareness to action. We need to build a new future proof system, where every organisation, industry and sector has its own role and responsibility. We envision a society in which all their products, services, and activities contribute to a better world.  So if green- or social washing is what are looking for, we kindly refer you to our competitors. If you want to find new opportunities to be more impactful, look no further.Part of

Grant Thornton

To expand our own impact, we joined forces with Grant Thornton in 2019. This means we are now part of a global network of independent accountancy and consultancy organizations with over 50,000 professionals. This win-win deal allows Sinzer to further professionalize and mainstream impact as a full service, and helps to close the gap between doing good and doing business. Furthermore, we feel bringing the fields of accounting and impact closer together holds a lot of potential: applying similar principles and giving as much weight to your non-financial value (impact on people and planet) as to your financial value, will accelerate the transition to an ‘impact economy’.

Our team

Curious about our Grant Thornton colleagues?
Emma Verheijke
As partner, consultant and trainer Emma supports a varying portfolio of clients (businesses, investors, local governments and nonprofits) in ESG, sustainability and impact strategy, assessment, reporting aimed at minimising negative and maximising positive impact.
(+31) 6 54 39 73 63
Vincent Belgraver
Senior Impact Consultant
Vincent’s expertise lies in evaluating large, multi-stakeholder programs, developing Theories of Change and actionable impact strategies, and designing impact management frameworks. He primarily works with local governments, civil society organizations and NGO’s.
(+31) 6 15 22 79 10
Kirsten van Reisen
Senior Impact Consultant
Kirsten has consulting experience in the international NGO sector as well as the public sector, and is currently focused on helping organisations transition from the extractive economy, via sustainability into regenerative models, using SDGs and other frameworks.
(+31) 6 55 95 37 34
Joyce Lagerweij
Senior Impact Consultant
Joyce has extensive experience in strategy development, program management and evaluation of multi-stakeholder projects geared towards social change. Joyce supports (alliances of) civil society organisations and local governments in enhancing their impact.
(+31) 6 11 60 89 18
Jurre Anema
Impact Consultant
Combining a broad knowledge base with an extensive range of research skills, Jurre embraces a wide range of topics, including health innovations and investors in life sciences. Within Sinzer he focuses on smart use and unlocking of data to steer towards (more) impact.
(+31) 6 83 14 35 79
Janke van Dijk-Wesselius
Impact Consultant & Data Analyst
Janke’s expertise lies in both quantitative and qualitative research methods for evaluation, impact and intervention studies. As an impact consultant and data analyst she supports companies, organizations and municipalities to quantify, visualize and enhance their impact.
(+31) 6 25 29 14 00
Annemieke Bos
With a background in banking as well as 5 years as investment manager for an impact investor, Annemieke advises financial sector and business with impact management and ESG strategies and implementation. Besides her role at Sinzer, she acts as financial director for charity ‘Microcredit for Mothers’.
Wouter Balm
Senior Impact Manager
Wouter is an experienced business consultant who helps businesses and not-for-profit organizations with managing their impact on the planet and society. From sustainability strategy development and setting the agenda for strategic- and tactical plans, to implementation and monitoring effects. He is only satisfied when impactful results are delivered.
(+31) 6 15 68 89 82
Aimée van der Wolde
Senior Impact Consultant
Aimée has a wide range of experience, always focusing on social innovation and impact. She has worked on impact strategies within the public domain and for companies, on innovation programs and impact investment products and worked with impact-driven entrepreneurs. Within Sinzer, Aimée works on various assignments, but mainly with public institutions, civil society organizations and NGOs.
(+31) 6 25 01 44 65
Sanne Eekman
Impact Consultant
Sanne is an experienced impact measurer within civil society organisations and social enterprises, and has extensive experience in qualitative research methods. As impact consultant Sanne will facilitate civil society organisations and local governments/public sector in measuring their impact.
(+31) 6 23 55 25 74
Myrthe Kruszel
Junior Impact Consultant
With a background in (embedding) sustainability in governance, Myrthe focuses on ESG, impact strategy and impact investment. She is experienced in the assessment and engagement of organizations based on ESG-criteria, undertaking qualitative and quantitative research and making a multi-stakeholder analysis.
Lilly Walstra
Junior Impact Consultant
Lilly has international experience in supporting companies to minimize the negative impact on environment and society, and to maximize the positive impact. With her knowledge of sustainability, SDGs and corporate goals such as Science Based Targets, she helps organizations with creating and measuring sustainability- and impact strategies.
Leonoor den Ottolander
Leonoor has professional experience in sustainability strategy, impact measurement, reporting and assurance. In the past ten years she has worked for a wide variety of (international) clients: from multinational corporations and SMEs, to non-profits and public sector.
Nelline Roest-Boers
Nelline has experience working impact adviser in the international development sector as well as the public sector focussing on themes as health, wellbeing and education. She brings expertise in supporting (international) organisations in defining impact strategies, measuring impact, program evaluation and using insights for learning.
Femke Giesen
Femke is a senior researcher specialized in policy and project evaluations. Her main expericence is in the domain of social services.
088 676 9163
Lianne Dijkstra
With 15 years of consultancy experience Lianne is an expert in the field of impact strategy, integrated management and reporting. Pragmatic in managing large projects and highly committed. A valuable discussion partner on strategic level, strong in asking the questions that matter, and tailoring solutions to clients’ needs
Marlon van Dijk
Marlon has been involved with Sinzer (formerly know as social e-valuator™) since its start in 2008 in various roles: consultant, trainer and business developer. Since 2019 Marlon has moved to a different role as Head of Sales of Grant Thornton.
(+31) 6 31 01 04 01

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