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Since 2019 Sinzer is part of Grant Thornton, an accountancy, tax and advisory firm  with over 550 professionals in the Netherlands, and more than 56.000 in over 140 countries. Together with our Grant Thornton colleagues our aim is to make organisations ‘Future fit’: meaning in the fast transforming world we live in we continuously aim to help organisations navigate the fast-changing context and developments in society and the economy.

The five most important Future Fit themes

Data and
Safety and
and impact
Value creation

Broader sustainability services

In addition to Sinzer - which focuses specifically on impact and sustainability strategy and reporting - sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the broader set of services that Grant Thornton offers. For example, are you looking for the right subsidies to make your building or business operations more sustainable? Do you want to know which tax benefits are associated with this? Do your stakeholders request an audit of your CSR or integrated report? Look no further: we will put you in direct contact with the right expert from our office.

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