Improve your impact on the world step by step

Strategy Development

Define clear and sensible goals

Is your organization going for zero waste, inclusiveness or a fair production chain? With clear goals, logical models and a clear roadmap, our impact strategies ensure that short-term actions are in line with a long-term vision. Making sure everyone in the organisation knows how to contribute to growing positive impact.
Turn goals into a strategy

Analytics & Reports

Make your impact measurable and visible

Reliable impact figures are crucial. To systematically reduce your negative impact and increase your positive, it is important to measure the things that matter most. With good KPIs and reliable data sources, we help you focus, measure and report and improve.
Measure your actual impact

Actionable Advise

Use insights to improve every day

With 12 years of experience we can help you turn theory into practice with measurable results. From data interpretation, tosetting up new projects and writing action-oriented reports; we help you start, and make a real change.
Maximise your impact

Wilt u ook heldere doelen en realistische roadmaps voor uw impact ambities?

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