Introduction to a Social Business Case for municipalities


Summary of what you can get

Steering towards social return is becoming more and more important for municipalities. This is paired with an increasing emphasis towards the effectiveness of policies. Municipalities are facing limited resources, and their money can only spent once. Insight in the effectiveness of your project of policy is therefore crucial before spending those invaluable resources. In the following whitepaper we show you how a Social Business Case can help you gain insight which policy-choices are the most effective, and maximise your social return.

What we will cover
  • How a social business case can help you determine the effectiveness of your policy-choices
  • How to optimise the allocation of your resources by measuring outcomes
  • How to ask the right questions to measure the effects of your policy/project for your stakeholders
  • The social-business case roadmap as a tool to gain insights in the social benefits and costs of your policies
  • The potential benefits of social business case for your organisation
  • Using the results of a social business case for future planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Learn from tips and experiences from our past clients and the expertise of our consultants