Start with Impact Measuring: 10 Tips & Tricks


Summary of what you can get

Whether you are a supplier of car-parts, own a coffee plantation in Africa, or work at an IT-company, your organisation’s activities have an impact on the world. But how do you know which choices will help you maximise your impact? And where do you start? At Sinzer, we see impact management as an iterative process, in which it is often not realistic – nor desirable – to immediately develop and implement a fully rigorous process. On the contrary: impact management can best be seen as a growth path in which an organisation starts with small steps to measure and manage its impact. They say those first steps are the hardest, right? That is why we developed 10 lean tips & tricks to start measuring your impact today!

What we will cover
  • How to define the scope of your impact measurement project
  • Develop a Theory of Change
  • Determine who your stakeholders are and how your activities affect their lives
  • Ask the right questions and collect data using appropriate indicators
  • Analyse your data and determine whether you have generated the desired impact
  • Report on your impact
  • Use your impact report to learn and maximise your impact