The Beginners Guide To Social Return On Investment


Summary of what you can get

We all make choices in our life, whether as anindividual or in our professional role as investor, manager, commissioner, orwhatever other position you may hold. But when we make these choices, we are also accountable for the consequences. Especially when your choices affect the lives of others. 

Many organisations today are trying to create change in the lives of people. Corporations wish to do good with their CSR strategies, institutional investors are applying new investment techniques to create ani mpact on society, and high net worth individuals are giving away increasing amounts of their money to change the world. And let us not forget about the usual suspects such as government programs, foundations, NGO’s and social enterprises.

Regardless of the intentions of the individuals working in these organisations, their choices require careful consideration before they are implemented. Especially if the goal of their activities is to improve the lives of others.   

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework that can facilitate this process for you: it helps you involve your stakeholders, understand what changes and value what matters. And perhaps most importantly: it shows you whether you are indeed creating impact for those you are aim to help. 

If you are serious about creating change, take a few minutes to look at this quick guide and learn how SROI can help you make better decisions and be accountable to stakeholders. After all, if you do not valuewhat matters, how can you be sure you’re doing the right thing?

What we will cover
  • The benefits of impact measurement
  • The broader concept of value; including human, intellectual and natural capital
  • An introduction to the concepts of the SROI Framework
  • Different types of SROI – forecast or evaluative
  • The 7 principles of SROI
  • How to determine which topics are material for your first SROI-analysis
  • Using the SROI Framework for planning, communication or investment decisions
  • The several ways in which the SROI Framework can help you to improve your services
  • How to apply the SROI-framework as a NGO or within the public/private sector
  • Tips on how to carry out your first SROI-analysis