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Reports alone will not make the world a better place. Action-oriented plans make the difference. Our insights not only help you to report your CO2 footprint, but also to halve it next year.

Reports with a plan

Rather than stats and figures, we see our Impact Reports as recommendations for improvement. How big was your impact? Have you reached the right target groups? Where are the opportunities to improve the impact cost-effectively? Are you ambitious enough? Can you accelerate? We approach these questions transparently and directly, with evidence for conclusions and recommendations. With a broad focus on the organization and context. You can go from an inclusive HR policy to an inclusive corporate culture, and from waste separation to circularity.

Align with the real world

From plans and theory, to success in practice. Knowing pitfalls, a realistic planning, alignment with organizational processes and clear instructions are all essential. Just like the human aspect. No lasting result without support: creating and cultivating an "impact culture" is an important condition for success. By securing support in your organizational culture, all employees know what the strategy is, why impact management is important, and how they can contribute to the organizational and impact goals.

Workshops & training

Creating and shaping that culture is a skill you can hire. Through workshops, trainings and presentations we can make a difference in boardrooms, factory halls, community centers and classrooms. As a constructively critical partner, we love to start new collaborations.

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Climate related risks and opportunities

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