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Make your impact measurable and visible

To systematically decrease negatives and increase positives you need reliable numbers on valid data points. But finding genuine KPI’s for impact and sustainability can be challenging, and interpreting the data has a learning curve. We can help you with both.

Collecting data

Our team has experience with different types of data analysis and is familiar with the latest research methods and reporting standards. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods is often the most reliable setup, but we tailor monitoring- and data collection plans to every organisation. We do this for a wide range of commercial and not-for-profit organisations. So whether we’re dealing with assembly lines or community programmes, our team knows where to find reliable data-entry points to monitor your impact on society.

Handy tools for management and reporting

To help you monitor continuously or report regularly, we developed an ecosystem of tools. Depending on your organisation’s needs we deliver anything from impact and sustainability reports, to custom infographics, to customised Impact Management software. Of course this includes onboarding and training your team to make analytics part of everyday business.

Making sense of data

Once the data strategy is set in motion and data comes flooding in, the real learning begins. Where data aggregation can be fully automated, turning that data into valuable insights remains a human’s job. Our consultants help you interpret the data and develop new plans for improvements. This continues cycle of optimisation, or maximising impact as we call it, is at the heart of Impact Management. We have been pioneers in the field of impact measurement and management since 2008, so combined with your expertise we can spot new opportunities to boost your return on investment.

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